Below are some general questions potential buyers will ask when speaking to us personally or are looking to purchase a puppy/pet from us.  If you have any additional questions you'd like answered but are not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q. Do you have any puppies For Sale right now?
A. We advise visiting our For Sale page on our web-site as we try our best to keep it updated on a daily bases. If you don't see any puppies for sale, then our Breedings page should be your next stop.
Q. How much do your puppies cost?
A. Our puppies vary in price, anywhere from $1000 to $6500.  There's several factors we, at King of Bullys, consider when pricing, for instance:  Breeding, if the breeding is going to be in-yard or outside our yard, stud fees; if the female has to be shipped to the stud, or if the semen needs to be shipped; will there be a need for a C-section to how many pups are born in a litter.  Your best bet is to look for a specific pup you like, or for the sake of saving time, let us know in advance what your budget is in buying a pup. We will do our best to try and work with you.
Q. What is your Deposit Requirement on a puppy?
A. We require a $500 Holding Deposit on any pup and all Breedings.  We have been known to occasionally let buyers place smaller Deposits for a few days, if need be.
Q. Can you ship the puppy to me or do I have to pick the puppy up?
A. King of Bullys ships nationwide via airlines.  It's the quickest, safest way to ship the pup to their destination if you can't pick the puppy up personally.  Shipping costs can run approximately $400-$450 which includes Health Certificate, crate, dispenser for water & food, and occasionally toys).  Shipping takes roughly 3 to 4 days to coordinate.  
Q. We are anxious to pick up our puppy, how soon can we pick the puppy up?
A. All pups are ready to go at 6 weeks.  If you'd like to see your puppy before then, then you are more than welcomed to schedule a visit with your puppy at any time as long as we both are available and local.
Q. Are the puppies vaccinated?
A. Yes.  All pups are vaccinated frequently as with de-worming.  All pups will continue to get vaccinated and de-wormed as needed or up until they are sold.

Q. What do you feed your puppies?
A. We feed a combination of puppy food and raw meats. However, an important point to remember is not what your neighbor feeds his/or her pups or dogs but what will work best for you and your pup/dog.  Feeding your pup/dog a high quality puppy or adult dog food is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that they live a long and healthy life.  There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to puppy and adult dog food.  It is important to do your research. 

Q. Do you give your dogs any supplements to help enhance their growth?
A. Hell no.  A lot of what people want to accomplish is actually in the Genetics of the puppy, "not in the supplements".  A happy, healthy pup will always look its best naturally.

Additional Q & A will be posted as the site updates.

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